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"Nature" (大自然) is our flagship brand. Launched in 2001, it has been successfully positioned with consumers to represent high product quality and product safety as well as health and environmental awareness, which also reflect our core values and form the focus of our brand management and product strategy. Our market positioning for "Nature" brand is geared towards a wide range of products customer segments with different tastes, style preferences and budgets.

Under our "Nature" brand, we have the following sub-brands catering to our four major types of products:

"Nature • Flooring" (大自然•地板)
Our flooring products include laminated floorings and engineered floorings which are manly manufactured by our own factories, and solid wood floorings which are manufactured by authorized manufacturers. In addition, our branded flooring product portfolio also encompasses a very small portion of bamboo flooring and cork flooring. The brand “Nature Flooring” has been one of the leading and successful flooring brands in the PRC. The Group currently owns six flooring product production plants.

Laminated floorings
Laminated floorings consist of multiple layers that include a moisture-proof foundation layer, a layer of composite fiberboard, a design layer with a high-resolution replication photo of wood or a variety of other motifs and a wear-resistant, laminated surface layer. Laminated flooring can be designed in a wide variety of styles and textures and its construction enables the product to also be resistant to humidity and temperature changes. The drawing below illustrates the structure of a laminated flooring.

Engineered floorings
Engineered flooring retains the natural wood feel of solid wood flooring while offering more versatility due to its “cross-ply construction.” Rather than using a single solid piece of wood, several pieces of wood are stacked on top of each other in opposite directions, resulting in a more dimensionally stable floor that is also less sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity than solid wood flooring. The drawing below illustrates the structure of a engineered wood plank.

Solid wood floorings
Solid wood flooring is manufactured with a single plank of high-quality solid wood, generally without the use of glue, which is then dried, polished and coated to produce a natural flooring product that exhibits the varying colors, textures and fragrance of the bare wood. The product can be further hand-engraved to produce a surface with varying desired patterns. The drawing below illustrates the structure of a solid wood plank.

Other floorings
Our flooring product portfolio also encompasses a very small portion of bamboo flooring and cork flooring. In 2013, based on APG natural rubber soybean patented technology developed by the Group, we have launched APG natural soy gum flooring products, of which the formaldehyde emission is far lower than the normal flooring products available in the market.

"Nature • Wooden Door" (大自然•木門)
Leveraging on its “Nature” brand and network, the Group has established its sub-brands, namely “Nature Wooden Doors” to further tap into the business of wooden doors. The business of wooden doors has become one of the core developing businesses of the Group. The Group currently owns two wooden door production plants, the one located in Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, the PRC is the largest production plant among the wooden doors business of the Group with advanced production equipment imported from overseas.

"Nature • Kolani" (大自然•柯拉尼)
We started to develop our wardrobes and cabinets products business in 2011. Over the years, we established the new brand “Nature Kolani” and our own factories to manufacture our own wardrobes and cabinets products. The business of wardrobes and cabinets has become one of the core developing businesses of the Group.

"Nature • Geko" (大自然• 壁高)
In 2016, we have successfully acquired Guangxi Nature Bigao Gaoxin Decoration Material Company Limited, a company engaging in wall decoration materials in the PRC. Guangxi Bigao sells its wall paper products under the “Geko壁高” brand.